Parrot Cay




A true tropical haven nestled in the heart of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Parrot Cay is an exclusive island retreat that offers unparalleled beauty and tranquility, making it a coveted destination for those seeking a luxurious and private lifestyle. Situated in the northern Caribbean, Parrot Cay is easily accessible via a short boat ride from the main island of Providenciales or North and Middle Caicos. The seclusion of this island ensures a sense of escape, while remaining conveniently connected to all modern amenities.

As you step onto its shores, you’re greeted by the gentle rustle of palm trees and the rhythmic lapping of turquoise waves against powdery white sands. The island’s exclusive nature ensures that your moments of peace remain uninterrupted, allowing you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The essence of Parrot Cay is a laid-back elegance, where luxury is presented in its purest form. The vibe encourages a “barefoot luxury” lifestyle, where opulence is enjoyed in harmony with nature. From the luxurious villas to the world-class spas, every detail is crafted to provide a seamless fusion of comfort and natural beauty. The island’s vibe is deeply rooted in wellness and rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in the island’s wellness retreats, where yoga sessions by the sea and holistic spa treatments invigorate the body and soothe the soul. The atmosphere encourages you to embrace a balanced and health-focused lifestyle, setting the tone for a revitalizing journey.


The island’s intimate atmosphere fosters a strong sense of community among its residents. The small, exclusive community creates a welcoming vibe where neighbors become friends and lifelong connections are forged. Whether you’re seeking solitude or companionship, Parrot Cay offers the perfect blend of both.

A favored destination for many celebrities seeking privacy and luxury, Parrot Cay has been touted as a hide out for some of the most famous faces on the planet. While celebrity ownership of properties can change over time and may not always be publicly disclosed, over the yeas there have been a few notable individuals who have been reported to own homes on Parrot Cay including renown fashion designer Donna Karan, the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards; Bruce Willis, and supermodel Christie Brinkley, to name a few.  The island offers an unmatched level of privacy and seclusion, making it an ideal retreat for high-profile individuals seeking to escape the paparazzi and the public eye. The island’s limited access, combined with its small and exclusive community, ensures that celebrities and their neighbors can enjoy a peaceful existence away from the spotlight.


Parrot Cay’s real estate offerings encompass a realm of exceptional possibilities. Nestled within this tropical paradise, the residences mirror the island’s ethos of luxury and exclusivity. From opulent beachfront villas with stunning ocean vistas to elegant estates cocooned by lush greenery, each property offers a haven of privacy and serenity. Modern amenities and sophisticated design seamlessly merge with the island’s natural beauty, creating an unparalleled living experience. With a limited number of opportunities available, Parrot Cay real estate presents a chance to own a piece of this coveted sanctuary, where tranquility and sophistication coalesce to redefine the art of living.